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tv   New Day  CNN  November 4, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> we have to find a better way to talk to each other. to accept each other. >> what kind of change are we going to have? >> just remember, the system is rigged. >> we've got work to do. to finish what we started eight years ago. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> good morning, welcome toyour "new day." up first, donald trump, hillary clinton, battling it out, especially in north carolina. this has become the kind of hot state. the must-win swing state for both of these candidates. and it could ultimately therefore decide the race. >> so top surrogates for trump and clinton are fanning out there and across the country with just four days away from election day. we have it all covered for you. let's begin with cnn's sunlen serfaty live in charlotte, north carolina. good morning, sunlen. >> good morning to you, alisyn. the battle is so intense here in north carolina that the candidates are practically running into each other.
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donald trump and hillary clinton campaign planes will park last night at the same time at the same airport in raleigh, north carolina. now, today, for donald trump it is onward to ohio, new hampshire, and pennsylvania. three other states so critical to his path to the white house. >> we know hillary can't be trusted. we've learned that. >> reporter: donald trump hitting hillary clinton over the fbi's new probe of a longtime aide's e-mails. >> you look at her e-mail situation. can we trust her with our security? she is disqualified. >> reporter: we're presenting a defense focus speech in south carolina, decorated military veterans joining trump on stage. trump demonstrating why he thinks clinton shouldn't be president. >> to think of her being their boss. i don't think so. and, you know, they are
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incredible patriots who would never say a thing. but i know what they are thinking. it's not -- it's not for them, believe me. >> reporter: in praising their courage while also applauding himself. >> they're so much more brave than me. i wouldn't have done what they did. i'm brave in other ways. i'm financially brave, big deal, right? >> reporter: complimenting his wife, melania. >> she got up and gave an incredible speech. >> reporter: in her first solo campaign event since pl plagiarizing part of her speech at the republican convention. >> you work hard for what you want in life. >> you work hard for what you want in life. >> reporter: melania trump vowing to take on cyber bullying. >> our culture has gotten too mean, especially to children and teenagers. it is never okay when a 12-year-old girl or boy is marked, bullied or attacked. it is absolutely unacceptable when it's done with someone with
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no name hiding on the internet. >> reporter: critics quick to pounce on the irony of melania's focus on bullying giving her husband's twitter tirades and name coming. >> she's a slob. >> i call her goofy. she's a basket case. >> reporter: despite the criticism, melania hoping to help her husband win over female voters. >> we have to find a better way to talk with each other, to disagree with each other and to respect each other. >> reporter: going into the final weekend here on the campaign trail, i want to show you a snapshot of where donald trump's schedule looks like in the final days. just a flurry of campaign events, including very notably, donald trump will be returning here to north carolina twice in the next four days. he will also be holding a big, closing message rally on monday night in his last rally of the campaign with his running mate in manchester, new hampshire. alisyn? >> sunlen, thanks so much. so early voting in north carolina shows good turnout for democrats but not amongst black
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voters. hillary clinton will need them to win that state so she's bringing in some big name supporters to make it happen. cnn's senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny joins us with more. >> good morning, alisyn. hillary clinton had hoped to focus on north carolina, a true battleground state because democrats won their in 2008 and republicans four years later. this morning she also finds herself defending democratic territory. as she still works to regain the confidence and command of the race she had only one week ago. four days before election day, hillary clinton is bringing the star power. pharrell williams and bernie sanders joining clinton in north carolina. >> i am here because i believe she is going to fight for us. >> reporter: despite the optimistic tone of her rally, clinton sending an urgent warning to democrats that she could lose. >> america will have a new president. it will either be me or my opponent. are we going to build a stronger, fairer, better america or are we going to fear each
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other. >> reporter: it's not how she hoped to spend the waning days of her campaign. now a stark message about a prospect of a trump presidency. >> it's hard for me to imagine that we would have a president who has demeaned women, mocked the disabled, insulted african americans and latinos. >> reporter: democrats concede frustration they are still trying to disqualify trump. his rebound has taken them back to the drawing board. from sanders -- >> we are not going back to a bigoted society. >> reporter: to president obama in florida. >> you don't see him hanging out with working people, unless they're cleaning his room. >> reporter: a week after the fbi e-mail bombshell clinton's top aide huma abedin remains off the campaign trail. but she did appear at a washington fund-raiser with go-getter anna wintour. the campaign raising money for a last-minute advertising blitz. >> any response to the fbi? >> reporter: clinton still maintaining a national lead, yet her advisors say the race is too close for comfort in too many swing states.
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♪ to keep me from getting to you ♪ >> reporter: heading into the final stretch, clinton is showing signs of confidence, drawing a parallel to the history making world series champion chicago cubs. >> you know the last time the cubs won, women couldn't vote. i think women are making up for that in this election. >> reporter: so today clinton is not focusing on expanding the map, she is actually hitting pennsylvania and michigan. both states have gone democratic in the last six presidential races. this morning we are getting a closer look at where she is setting her sights for the final push. in addition to pittsburgh and detroit today, she's heading to cleveland tonight followed by florida and philadelphia tomorrow. new hampshire and then back to ohio. the final campaign event monday night back in philadelphia with president obama. >> all right, let's discuss the closing argument for the trump campaign with jason miller. senior communications adviser for the campaign. good to see you. >> chris, good morning. >> so, this is going to be a why
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interview. why is donald trump the right choice over hillary clinton? > because, chris, if you're looking for a change, if you think this economy has not benefited you and your family, if you're receiving one of those obamacare premium increases in the mail, vote for donald trump and he's going to repeal and replace obamacare. he's going to put more money in your pocket and make our country more safe. >> and when it comes to the scrutiny of his ability to do that, how do you answer that criticism, that there is -- he does not have the pedigree? he is not qualified to be able to deliver on those promises by plan, or by disposition? >> chris, all you have to look at is the fact that mr. trump is an american success story. he's built fantastic businesses, employed tens of thousands of people. everything he's been a part of has been a big success and that's what he's going to do for this country. as we talk about fitness and qualification we can't lose sight of the fact that secretary clinton herself is under fbi investigation. the clinton foundation is under investigation. you can't govern as president
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with the scandal like that hanging over your head. this is very -- again let's not lose sight of the fact that what have we found over the last few days? 650,000 e-mails, we don't know how many of those are secretary clinton's or how many are just pertaining directly to her time as secretary of state. but anthony weiner's laptop back up for one second. if you found out that you had a spouse or someone at the state department who had sensitive information on their laptop, that would be grounds for immediate termination and really say something about the boss who was in charge, let alone to be on the laptop of anthony weiner. >> but we don't know, right? we know the number, 650,000. it's good that you're saying they're not all huma abedin's. we do know they're not to or from hillary clinton according to the fbi and we don't know whether there's sensitive information. we don't know that they're classified. we just know that they may pertain to work done at the secretary -- the state -- at the state department which makes sense. >> we do know for a fact that it
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does pertain to the work that's done as secretary of state. which that's a disqualifier right there. we talk about who has the energy, who has momentum, let's look at what states are being put in play and where mr. trump is going. even on election night where secretary clinton and bill clinton would usually be in solidly blue pennsylvania. mr. trump is putting pennsylvania in play. colorado. new mexico, michigan. there's something going on here chris. it's bigger than mr. trump. it's a movement. the energy is here. we see it in the crowds. we see it in the poll numbers. if you're a trump supporter you should be real energized this weekend. >> the momentum behind trump is real. people have real reasons to be frustrated. the question is whether or not he's the right change agent. you talk about, well, hey, look at clinton. she's got some real trust issues. so does he. these are the two least trusted people we've seen. you worked for this guy who looked out at the audience and said donald trump is the worst person i've ever seen run for
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president. you were running messaging on that. you have to own, she had these investigations. he has fbi probes. he's got a real trial for fraud coming up with the new york a.g. and a class action suit. if he's president of the united states, doesn't go away. he's going to be deposed as president. isn't that relevant? >> and i'm completely confident that mr. trump will find that all that he's done nothing wrong -- >> and the clintons are confident they're not going to have anything found wrong either. why does that make me feel better as a voter? >> we're talking about secretary clinton as criminal investigation into her activity -- >> that comey said was not a close call. he said the e-mail thing wasn't a close call we have no more information. if it changes, it changes. when the facts change so does the analysis. he's going to trial for fraud. that's going to happen. >> chris -- >> that's not a maybe. >> let me point one thing out that i think is lost. you had on clinton surrogates
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earlier today. they're not saying anything positive about secretary clinton. their messaging going into this final weekend is all to try to attack and tear down mr. trump. mr. trump supporters are making the case, here's what he's going to do with his contract with the american voter. here's how he's going to african-american communities and saying we're going to rebuild infrastructure, improve our schools. here's what we're going to do to lower tax rates to grow your businesses. we have a positive message. he has clear plans. he has laid out the first 100 days of what he's going to do as president. you see none of that from the clintons. all the -- >> that's just not true. >> chris -- >> there's no question they're going negative. so are you guys. that's what works. trump is hammering her on the stump every chance he gets. he says that she's going to be indicted. he says that when she's president you're going to have investigations, she's crooked. she can't lead. she can't work. she's going to be investigated. i'm just saying, he's saying that, he has every right to say it. same could be said for him. he could be dogged by things as president that are very real. do you accept that? are >> if that's the best the clintons can do, that they're going to lose -- >> not the clintons -- i'm
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saying there is a trial for fraud that's going to happen. that's real. doesn't that count? >> mr. trump -- we'll find out mr. trump is fine in thank you that. that's ridiculous political attacks coming down the home stretch. that's all that is. >> all those people who say they had money taken wrongly that there was false promise that it was a scam the university that had to stop calling itself a school, they're all lying? >> i'm completely confident that mr. trump did nothing wrong and everything is fine on that front and i'm going to say that if this is the best the clintons can do going into tuesday, it shows they've already lost. >> what's the best you can do? >> let's talk about the key battlegrounds. in florida, in north carolina, in ohio, we're leading in all three, what was traditionally viewed as a blue state in iowa where we're ahead. in north carolina, republicans were doing much better in all three states than where romney was four years ago. >> early voting? >> yes, early voting, absentee you combine them all together. in north carolina 77,000 more republicans have shown up to vote and democrats have dropped off by 12%. you have a couple things going
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on with the democrats. not only are they not enthused about crooked hillary clinton but also even if you look into the story that's not really being told right now is the fact that even in african-american communities, mr. trump is doing much better than republicans have in the past four or eight years. >> one quick thing i want to give you an opportunity on this. i know the campaign has said things and i'm not going to talk about what his son said. his son is not running for president. eric can say whatever he wants. are we going to hear donald trump come out and say if you are a white supremacist and you think you're going to go to polls and intimidate black people do not do that in my name. do not do it. i want people who watch the polls in legitimate way, i reject you and have nothing to do with you. are we going to hear donald trump say that? a man who has never been quiet about condemning things he doesn't like but he hasn't said it -- >> he has rejected -- he has said rebuked -- i can't tell you a single sound bite of him saying those guys who say they want that, that guy who do that robocall, you're not with me, i hate you, you're deplorable. >> he has said rejected. he has said rebuked.
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>> he himself? >> yes, yes. he has said rejected. he has said rebuked. chris, again, if this is the best -- >> this, this, this is me, this is real because you know that on that day you guys are worried about the election being rigged that's the last thing that we can suffer right now in our democracy is having that kind of b.s. happen on election day. that's why i'm saying it's that important. i don't care what the clintons care about, we should all care about that. >> i think what more americans know and know heading into tuesday is the fact that mr. trump is running to be president for all americans. he's going into neighborhoods and communities that haven't just been neglected by democrats in the past, they've been neglected by the clintons in the past. he's going in and asking for every american's vote. he has a real plan to help our inner cities and help turn them around. i think that speaks a lot to his character and what he's going to do for the first 100 days as president. >> jason miller we're all going to see the one poll that counts on tuesday. >> get out and vote. >> alisyn? >> thanks so much. let's get the other side now with democratic congressman louis gutierrez. he is a clinton supporter. congressman, thanks so much for being here.
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>> good morning, alisyn. >> i want to get your response to something jason miller just said. and he's not alone. that in these final four days of the election, that there seems to be more of a focus on the clinton side on the negativity of donald trump, and scaring voters into saying this is what a trump presidency would look like, than a positive vision of what hillary clinton would lay out. what's your response? >> well, maybe that is what we heard today, but it wasn't -- i look a little in the eyes because i arrived at 1:00 in the morning from colorado, from the day before i was in nevada. and out there, people are talking about pay equity, making sure that women are in the same as the men. they're making sure that we have a just, fair immigration system. a lot of people come out of the shadows, register with the government, not have to fear deportation. people are talking about raising the minimum wage. >> yeah. >> i mean think about it. a member of congress earns in a month what a minimum wage earner earns in a year.
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so people are talking about economic issues. issues of justice. are people getting driven to the polls because donald trump used bigotry and hatred and discrimination? when donald trump started his campaign, and he walked down that escalator the first words out of his mouth, alisyn, were mexicans are murderers, rapists and drug dealers. and yeah there are a few good ones but we've got to get rid of them. >> yes, and that -- >> that is the way he started the campaign. you should expect alisyn -- >> yeah. >> for people to respond electorally. >> yes. >> you reward your friends and punish those that have been your enemy. >> well i mean, look i hear you that you're saying that voters are talking about the issues. but i'm talking about hillary clinton and her surrogates, you among them, on the campaign trail, i mean, let me just play for you what hillary clinton said yesterday, and it was about donald trump. listen to this. >> i want you just to imagine, imagine the different kinds of futures that are available.
5:17 am
depending upon who's elected. it's hard for me to imagine that we would have a president who has demeaned women, mocked the disabled, insulted african-americans and latinos, pitted people against each other, instead of bringing them together. >> okay. so that is her basically doomsday scenario. she's saying imagine how horrible it would be, instead of, imagine, you know, the shining city on the hill of how positive it could be. >> sure. because, let's face it, alisyn, donald trump is a threat. he's a threat to our democracy. he has -- i have -- look, i've been doing this awhile, too. i have never heard a candidate demean women the way he has. go out and simply say muslims, we're going to stop them from coming into this country and we're going to round up 11 million people and deport you. so when someone says, and use fear, the fear of muslims and their religion, the fear of the mexican rapist and murderer, the fear of the refugee coming to
5:18 am
this country to blow us up, that has been his rhetoric, and that is why the ku klux klan has decided, and other extreme groups in america, have decided to endorse him. really, elections are about the future. and i want a future in which, look, alisyn, for me it's very, very personal. my grandson is 13 years old. luis, you know, his dad from mexico, his mom has puerto rican heritage. he told me i feel real mexican in this one, i feel real puerto rican in this one, grandpa, but right here i'm american. i'm going to protect that little boy's american heritage, and his right to live in this country, without people looking at him as a criminal, as a murderer, a rapist and a drug dealer. he's a young american. he shouldn't be criminalized, and defined in that manner. by any candidate for the presidency of the united states. >> so congressman, what i hear you saying is that you do think it's effective to focus more on the negative, more on donald trump's negatives, that you
5:19 am
think are frightening, than to talk about what you see as hillary clinton's positives in these final four days? >> here's what i'm telling you, alisyn. here's two groups of people i saw in nevada. all right. not a poll. not something that i read. i saw them. here's two groups of people, latinos, regardless of their age, and gender, and sexual orientation were out there in droves, i saw it in nevada. the culinary union workers, hundreds of them strong, getting everybody out to vote, and it's working. and in colorado, i saw the same thing. so here's the other group. women. women and women. i saw latinos and i saw women, and i got to tell you they are working hard, day and night. they are building that coalition, and it's a coalition that's going to win. look, i have puerto rican heritage so i'm very connected to what's going on in florida. and let me assure you, that the tragedy, the economic downfall in florida has caused not tens of thousands, but hundreds of
5:20 am
thousands of puerto ricans to migrate to the state of florida over the last four years. and here's what we found. we found this latino voting early in florida -- >> yeah. >> -- 9% four years ago. >> yep. >> 15% today. very well could be a factor, this factor that more latinos will vote early. >> uh-huh. >> than the totality of latinos voted in 2012. >> huh. >> so look, the campaign is responding. alisyn you cannot attack a community, and criminalize, and demonize with that community. >> yes. >> without expecting it to respond. women respond to attacks against women. gay people respond to attacks against them. we have to save this country from someone who is really a danger, and a peril to your existence as a democracy. he said to hillary clinton during the debate, when i win, i'm going to investigate you and i'm going to lock you up. that's from a third world, third rate country. that's not the united states of america.
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>> congressman gutierrez. thanks so much for sharing your feelings with us on "new day" this morning. let's go over to chris. >> all right so just when you may have thought the rhetoric could not get any more heated clinton and trump seem to be turning up the temperature in the final days of the campaign. why does winning often hinge on painting the other as dangerous? today i want to show you some internet videos. tv: oh, it's gonna get crazy! this is black friday that is insane. i would never do that. at chevy, you can avoid the chaos and get great deals on the most awarded lineup. i like that. bam! it's awesome! you don't have to camp out at the chevy dealer two days in advance. i love it. (laughs) wow. and you don't have to wait until black friday. find your tag and get 20% cash back, or, get 0% financing for 72 months on select remaining 2016 chevy vehicles in stock. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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more than 30 million people have already cast their ballots in 38 different states. so who has the early voting advantage? cnn politics executive editor mark preston has the latest numbers there. what are you seeing on your magic board, mark? >> well, alisyn, no doubt as you said, 31 in 38 states. we already talked about florida, and north carolina early in the show. but let's look at four different states. two in the midwest starting with iowa. look at iowa right now. you know, about 500,000 people have already cast their ballots right now. what party has an advantage? you see right here, democrats have an advantage right now, by
5:26 am
about 41,000 votes. but, what's troubling news for them is that in 2012 at this same point in time, they had 60,000 ballots had already been returned. so the get out the vote operation not working at the same intensity as we're seeing in 2012. look at ohio right now. ohio about 1.2 million people have cast their early ballots. but if you look at ohio, right now, republicans have a 66,000 early ballot vote lead. going out to arizona, out in arizona, about 1.3 million people have cast their ballots. if we look at where we are right now, republicans have an advantage of about 71,000 ballots returned. but this is good news for democrats. because at this time in 2012, it was 87,000 ballots returned. we know democrats are tightly contesting arizona and we saw that hillary clinton was out there this week, and of course kaine was as well. nevada, representative gutierrez says he was out there working on
5:27 am
behalf of the democratic party. 512,000 ballots have been cast. look at 2016 and compare it to 2012. it is still off. democrats have a lead about 29,000 balance lots. but in 2012, it was 38,000. we still think this is good news for democrats. it is still following the same pattern. chris? >> preston you look very professional holding the paper that way. that's right out of the broad caster handbook. well done. so, donald trump and hillary clinton are trading their nastiest jabs. yes i know the campaigns say we're going high, they're going low. they're both doing it. period. especially in the final days of the election. the reason is negativity works. so the increasingly inflammatory rhetoric they believe will help with voters. well, is that true? "new york times"/cbs news poll says voters, 82% are disgusted. find a number that high about just about anything else that voters will be that united on. so let's discuss. this disconnect. bring in cnn political
5:28 am
commentator, form donald trump campaign manager mr. corey lewandowski. and former special adviser to president trump van jones he's a hillary clinton supporter. >> president obama just to be clear. >> what did i say? >> you said president trump. >> did i? >> wishful thinking, chris. >> my bias once again coming out into the ground. >> yes. >> yes you work for obama, everyone knows it. so negativity. i say all the time on the show, you do it because it works. >> yeah. >> everybody wants this to be about the ideas, and people, but that's not the political reality. is it as simple as that? >> you know, it's very, very interesting. when you talk to people and you ask them, do you like this stuff, oh, i hate it. it's awful. then they look in their facebook feed, and there's another attack, or there's a meme, and they're clicking it, they're posting it, they're retweeting it. unfortunately just like my diet. my head says i don't want the cup cake, but the cupcake is now
5:29 am
gone. it's just the way people are. >> corey, you would worked for hillary clinton, let me ask you -- >> hillary clinton? i don't work for hillary clinton i promise you. >> are you sure? are you still getting paid by the clinton campaign? >> i am not in the wikileaks discovery. no i'm not part of that operation. >> not yet. i often say to your side of the ball here, you know, if you're still into the wikileaks, and the transparency, why don't you guys put out your e-mails? why don't you even put out your damn taxes? if you're so in to wikileaks, and the idea of transparency as proof -- >> my taxes -- >> not yours, trump's. it's an interesting thing. it's a negative play, right? attack her for what comes out in the wikileaks, but you don't live the standard yourself. that's kind of the game when it comes to negativity, right? bash them but don't own the same standard? >> well, look, you hear it all the time, whether it's in a coffee shop or wherever it may be, people say and it doesn't matter who they are, i don't like either of the two
5:30 am
candidates. it's not just this election. you hear it every election. >> not like this. not like this. this is the highest negatives we've ever seen for the nominees. >> that's true. that's true. but many times people say i'm going to vote for the lesser of two evils and i don't like mitt romney or barack obama i'm going to hold my nose and do it because the other guy is so much worse. and what the negativity campaign is working on right now is any of the undecided voters, that small group that are going to ultimately make the decision of who's going to be the next president of the united states in 11 to 13 battleground states, if you can convince them, that the other person is worse than you and they break your way you're going to win the election. look at those states that still don't have early voting. states like new hampshire. states like pennsylvania. today we see donald trump is up on the realclear average 1.5 points. very close. but if you can continue to drive the other person's negatives it gives you a better chance to win on election day. >> all right. and yet here i am being the hypocrite saying i think it's wrong. so why don't we live our own truth. let's end this segment this way. van i start with you. do not tell me what's wrong with donald trump.
5:31 am
we do enough of that. tell me what is right with hillary clinton. why should these undecided voters that corey's talking about, if they exist, why is hillary clinton the choice? >> because it turns out that government is hard. it is very hard. i have the great honor to work in the white house, and it is very hard to get the machinery of government to move. you are not turning one battleship you're turning a million to get one thing done. she has the experience. and i tell you, if you were going to send your kid in for surgery and you had an experienced surgeon that you didn't like and somebody who says hey i'm a great plumber give me a chance. you would give the experienced -- the shot and you'd need somebody who knows how to make this thing work and she's that person. >> corey in >> look, i think this election is about change and donald trump is not beholden to any special interests. what he's going to do is go to washington and work for the american people. he's not bought and paid for by anybody. he's funded a huge part of his own campaign and if you truly want to change the way the country operates and know we can put it in a different direction, a new direction, the right track, then donald trump will go
5:32 am
there and not be beholden to special interests and do what is only right for the american people. i think we deserve that in a president. >> corey, van, thank you for staying positive. at least for that one blow. appreciate it. now election day is going to be huge. we do not know what's going to happen. but we know this, we will be on every race, and every tabulation for you like nobody else will. we hope to see you all day long. alisyn? >> breaking news coming up. the final jobs report before the election just came out. the numbers and the potential impact on tuesday's election next. today i want to show you some internet videos. tv: oh, it's gonna get crazy! this is black friday that is insane. i would never do that. at chevy, you can avoid the chaos and get great deals on the most awarded lineup. i like that. bam! it's awesome! you don't have to camp out at the chevy dealer two days in advance. i love it. (laughs) wow. and you don't have to wait until black friday. find your tag and get 20% cash back, or, get 0% financing for 72 months on select remaining 2016 chevy vehicles in stock. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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breaking news for you right now. the labor department just releasing the jobs report for october, came out moments ago. this is the final look at how the u.s. economy is doing before election day. so let's get right to cnn money chief business correspondent and early start anchor christine romans what are you seeing in the numbers? >> i see 151,000 net new jobs created in the month. this is another solid month of hiring, 73rd consecutive month of hiring in this country after that horrible financial crisis in 2008-2009. the unemployment rate ticked down to 4.9%. really key here you guys wage growth. how many times have we talked
5:37 am
about how sure jobs are coming back but the pay raises aren't there and the pay is not there. you can see wage growth at 2.8%. that's getting healthier. and that could be one of those things that signals the federal reserve is finally ready to raise interest rates in december, its next meeting. the unemployment rate 4.9% is a number that is less than half of what we saw at the peak. again this is that terrible part of the financial crisis where we had 10% unemployment. you see the steady decline in the unemployment rate there. now to below 5%. we still have about the same number of people who are on the sidelines who would like to work but maybe already have been looking. that number is about the same this month. here's where we are seeing the hiring guys, health care. this has been years of health care jobs growth. this is a part of the economy that's booming. business information services, these tend to be tech jobs, office jobs, management jobs. these are higher paid jobs. and financial services is up 14,000 jobs created there. so remember hurricane matthew? the labor department is saying that might have skewed the numbers a little bit. may have held back the numbers a little bit in the end so we'll
5:38 am
look to see next month if maybe there's a little bit of rebound there. i suspect you're going to hear both candidates talking about these numbers. donald trump has called numbers like this anemic. he would like to see more. he really focuses on the people who are sidelined out of the economy. hillary clinton today i think you'll hear her in pittsburgh talking about women and she'll be talking about how women need better wages, gender parity for wages. about two-thirds of minimum wage jobs are held by women so i bet you'll hear her talking about raising the minimum wage today as part of her prescription for jobs that work for everyone. >> okay, christine, thanks a lot. for all of that. >> good for you, romans. pure inknow and perspective. the question now is, how will the campaigns use it? this is going to be a big deal, especially for people voting their pocketbook on tuesday. cnn political director david chalian here with the bottom line. what do you see brother chalian? >> that's really good news for hillary clinton, obviously. but two things to remember here, one, donald trump still in our most recent polling across the battleground states is winning the issue of the economy. he is seen as better able to
5:39 am
handle the economy, and that is the number one issue. so this -- this good report, the way things are going, unemployment ticking down, this is good news for hillary clinton. but also remember, the other piece of why it's good news for hillary clinton. this is barack obama's economy, guys. he's at 55% approval. far better than donald trump or hillary clinton. the last poll we took nationally showed that 54% of the country thinks things are going well in the country. that's the highest of the obama presidency. that included 51% of independents. so this continues to feed into that narrative, and if you're hillary clinton and seeking to continue some of those policies, you're going to get folks to rally around that cause. >> okay. so, david, tell us what you see on your map. we love the video game where you pop up different states and show us the path to 270. >> so we're looking to see, donald trump still has a narrow path to 270. and it is really a narrow one. but there are a couple different ways to look at it. so again, this is the current
5:40 am
battleground map. these yellow states are the toss-ups. if we were to give donald trump all the remaining battleground states, nevada, utah, arizona, florida, ohio -- north carolina, ohio, that only gets him to 265. if he then flips new hampshire, that gets him one away, guys and then this one congressional direct up in maine would be his 270th south central vote if he can win that one congressional direct. this is sort of the no margin for error path. but he also has another path. take a look here. he can go through the midwest here, the rust belt. look at where hillary clinton's campaigning today. michigan, ohio, pennsylvania. she understands donald trump is still looking at this path. here he doesn't need all the remaining toss-ups. let's say he hangs on to utah and arizona and he wins florida, and ohio. but let's give hillary clinton north carolina, and nevada. she's still there, 293. she's won the presidency here.
5:41 am
but now go to this rust belt region. if donald trump can flip a michigan and a wisconsin that gets him to 270. pennsylvania, if he can get two of those three, which is mighty steep slime for him, still, two of those three, he's on his way to the presidency. >> and do the polls suggest that he can do that rust belt that blue area? >> not really. the most recent poll out of wisconsin showed hillary clinton had a six-point lead there, alisyn. michigan still leaning in hillary clinton's direction. pennsylvania has showed a more narrow margin for hillary clinton, about a four-point lead there right now. you're going to see donald trump there a few times. hillary clinton a few times. remember, pennsylvania doesn't have a lot of early vote. it's almost entirely election day vote. so pennsylvania and new hampshire are going to get a ton of candidate attention right now because their voters mostly vote on election day. >> and you say mostly because while they don't have early voting they have the absentees? >> yes. >> all right.
5:42 am
so at this point, four days out, where are you focused? right, because as we get closer to the day you start looking at less and less things and more and more things, more intently. so where are you? >> i'm really focused on north carolina, and florida. i think those two states are the ones to watch. i know that doesn't surprise many people, florida in our poll of polls, dead heat. 45% to 45%. hillary clinton slight edge in our poll of polls in north carolina. but this is critical. donald trump really, i mean i showed you one path here where it doesn't work this way but he really needs north carolina and florida, if he's going to have a clean shot at 270. and i think just watch those two states and see what happens to them on tuesday night and you'll know the answer. >> well, sort of, david. except what if she wins north carolina, and he wins florida, or vice versa? then is it still over? or is the -- do we have to watch the next dominoes fall? >> if they split these states. if hillary clinton wins north carolina as you just said, i -- i think that would pretty
5:43 am
significantly block donald trump, except for this rust belt route. but you just asked me about the polling here, i mean this is a long shot to give these states red. these really are blue leaning states right now. michigan and wisconsin. so if he doesn't have north carolina, guys, that is going to be a significant roadblock -- >> okay. >> but what if he does have north carol in? >> well, you know, then we go back to, look, this -- if he has north carolina, if he can win nevada, this is going back to sweeping all the remaining toss-up states, then he's got to flip new hampshire and then he's enough. >> one of the things that we've been learning to do, you have the straight map and i guess that's why north carolina and florida being equal doesn't make sense. florida has almost twice as many electorates. but it's about what they're predictive of. if you win north carolina that tends to mean something about how other races are going. it's not just the map it's also the metaphor effect of what one state means in relation to others. >> without a doubt, chris. in fact i think if you're in north carolina, look to a place
5:44 am
maybe like colorado where there are other white college educated voters that have been with hillary clinton in this race, which is a reversal from what we've seen in the past, maybe something's happening there on election day that we weren't anticipating. you are right, the demographic makeup of these states do matter. >> david does not have the names of the states on that map. that's how good he is. he's just hitting all sorts of buttons, and he's right. >> i thought that was europe when we first -- >> well, you have -- >> david, thank you very much. this election has turned into in some ways a referendum on the treatment of women and whether or not it's a sexist election, or it's a feminist election. so, how could tuesday's result impact women in politics going forward? we talk about that as well as melania trump next. >> and voting is under way right now not just for the election but the election of the hero of the year. here's a peek at one of cnn's top ten heroes. her name is becca stevens. remember, you get to vote at
5:45 am please go there and do so and now take a look. >> all i wanted to do was open one house. and invite five women to come in who all had been survivors of trafficking diction, prostitution, okay, come stay for two years, no cost. no authority in the house. just come be together. so when a woman comes in we give her a key this is your beautiful lomb. this is your place to be. that's the mind-set. and the idea is that it can be lavish and economical. we can do all this. we can house people for half of what it costs to house them in prison for a year. it started with residential communities, it moved into social enterprise because we understood that while women were doing amazing work, they were still dirt poor. on average for the last 20 years for the women that we serve the first sexual assault is between the ages of 7 and 11 years old. those stories used to undo me they're so horrific. and the global issues of human trafficking are so big it doesn't have to be the end of
5:46 am
the story. it's a big part of the story. but it's not the end. it's just a chapter in it. >> cnn heroes, everyday people changing the world is brought to you by geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. visit for a free rate quote.
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top surrogates crisscrossing the nation for clinton and trump. melania trump made a rare campaign appearance yesterday revealing what she would focus on as first lady. >> our culture has gotten too mean and too rough. especially for children and teenagers. we have to find a better way to talk to each other. to disagree with each other. to respect each other. we must find better ways to honor and support the basic goodness of our children, especially in social media. >> joining us now to talk about this angela rye, cnn political comment indicator. and cnn political commentator and trump supporter. ladies thanks so much for being
5:51 am
here. caylee i will start with you. i know that you tweeted out great speech by melania she hit it out of the park and obviously this is a great topic to focus on. everybody thinks that the level of vitriol and nastiness has reached through unprecedented level. but what do you think about all the people who today are saying, maybe donald trump should look in the mirror, maybe she should focus this at donald trump and his attacks on people. >> i would echo what van jones said last night which is let's not use this moment to tear melania trump down for wanting to do good. let's praise someone who wants to do good when they go out and try to put forth a good platform. i think the clintons will learn from our first lady when she gets into office -- because she was called a narcissistic loony tune by clinton because of the things she was maligned -- >> monica lewinsky certainly went through the crucible of public scrutiny. and she come out the other side with a cause.
5:52 am
but isn't about melania doing something wrong. this is about the campaign, about questioning the trump campaign and saying, are they aware that there's irony here that their candidate is the one who's lobbed all of these twitter missiles? >> i think it's very different when you call someone low energy and punch someone who punches you back. we can have that as a separate conversation that's very different from cyber bullying and teenage girls like monica lewinsky who were on the verge of suicide from anonymous people from twitter. >> i think the people who are insulted on twitter do feel badly. he did more than just say low energy. he went after women. he's obviously focused on looks, arianna huffington is unattractive both inside and out. i fully understand why her former husband left her for a man he made a good decision that's donald trump bringing up her own personal past. i mean that's nasty, right? >> i don't agree with everything he said in the past but we have two candidates on the ballot. we have one under criminal fbi
5:53 am
investigation. -- i know we don't want to talk about it but we have to talk about criminal fbi investigations. >> it's not true -- >> we haven't talked about the clinton foundation criminal fbi investigation. >> that's not true, kayleigh. >> it is true. >> it is not true. -- >> it's being reported -- >> that's not true. >> that's not what this segment is about. this segment is about melania trump's speech. i know you're pivoting away to try to bring up something nasty about the clintons. i'm just curious about the campaign and why they don't think a, b and c of his nasty tweets. >> voters have a choice. they have a choice between someone who might have gone too far and said something off color on twitter or someone who is under criminal investigation by the fbi and other media outlets are reporting -- >> that's not true, kayleigh. >> will likely be indicted when she becomes president. >> that's not true. >> go ahead. >> okay. so first i'm not even going to respond anymore than saying there is no criminal investigation. >> yes, there is. >> no, there's not. >> yes, there is.
5:54 am
>> just a minute, kayleigh. because you talked quite a bit. we are still friends but i disagree with you vehemently on this. >> let's let angela make her point. >> this is not true about the foundation or about -- there is no criminal investigation. let's stop there. no. now about the bullying. your candidate has gone way further than e-bullying. he has done it in person. he has talked about paying the legal fees of a white man who punched a black man at a rally. in the face. like this is not about someone who may have just accidentally retweeted something. i remember us having a conversation on air about what he did to malign heidi klum. this is someone who has been vicious. he called rosie o'donnell a fat big. he talked bad about megyn kelly calling her a bimbo. this is not just -- >> yeah. >> you know, harmless, you know did >> hold on. on that topic just on that topic of his twitter missiles how did you how are you comfortable with it? >> because you have a choice
5:55 am
between someone who committed criminal acts and -- >> i have to dispel this myth. go back from three nights ago when -- the criminal investigation has been reopened. maybe you disagree with the reporting of cnn but you can't -- >> semantics of whether or not it was officially closed look the fbi as we know is looking into things on the trump side. and on the clinton side. >> no, the fbi is -- >> did -- about bullying. >> it was reported by "the wall street journal" that the only reason the fbi looked into the russian ties of trump is because it was at the urging of clinton supporters. that is a fact. there's one candidate here -- >> but just to be clear kayleigh so i know what you're saying you're comfortable with the nasty things that mr. trump has put out on twitter because you're just saying that he's just a better candidate? that's how you reconcile it? >> i disagree with some of the things he said. but you have a choice between someone who jeopardized national security and someone who said off color things on twitter. i'm going to choose the one who
5:56 am
didn't commit criminal acts. >> i just want to say this very quickly and this is a perfect example of what leadership does and why kelly ayotte stumbled on the answer of whether donald trump was a role model. when you look at what happened with harvard soccer team, the fact that they were women, something donald trump admitted to doing they rated women and now the rest of their soccer team is canceled. i rode in a car with an uber driver yesterday who talked with me about his 5-year-old muslim daughter who asked a question of whether or not she could be president of this united states, whether or not her family would be deported because -- he's talking about a muslim ban. this man's rhetoric is dangerous. this is not a binary choice. there is no choice. this is not -- i'm not finished kaylee. i didn't interrupt you, friend. i didn't interrupt you. >> finish you point, angela. >> my only point to you is that it's not a binary choice at all. hillary clinton had a great ad that came out yesterday and it says we are not him. and we have to demonstrate to the rest of the world that we
5:57 am
are better than this. and that is the bottom line. >> kayleigh do you think just in terms of the rhetoric do you think that the rhetoric has got to a toxic level? >> oh, of course. i don't want the rhetoric to get to the level it's at. it's an important time. it's important for candidates for voters not to look at his words but actions. actions of both candidates. and the actions of angela's candidates, i love you too, jeopardize the security of this country. >> you both made your point. >> we'll hug it out kayleigh. >> there's a lesson in there somewhere. everyone. kayleigh, angela, thank you very much. humor in this. chris, shall we? >> every time i try to hug alisyn she punches me in the sternum. late note hosts looking to get their final shots in before election night. >> very exciting news today my name is on the ballot. they said my name wouldn't be on the ballot because i'm running alone and i have no party affiliation. but they were wrong. my name actually is on the ballot.
5:58 am
you look at this. you can see my right j-i-m-m-y. j-i-m-m-yeah it's just -- vote for me. look at all of those letters. >> the fbi announced they may have discovered more of her e-mails. she really should have hidden them wherever donald trump keeps his taxes because we can't find those anywhere. >> but it is true, anthony weiner has checked into a sex addiction clinic. they asked for a photo i.d. and he immediately relapsed. >> authorities are investigating why an official fbi twitter account that had been dormant for over a year suddenly posted several tweets praising donald trump. oh, you don't know why? well, take your time. i won't rush ya. >> both donald trump and hillary clinton's election night parties will be held here in new york city. and win or lose, the dancing
5:59 am
will be terrible at both of them. ♪ >> i like those rules. >> you think those -- >> i'm a big upper body dancer. sometimes i can dance and my feet will stay in exactly one position. >> really? because that's not italian of you. italian men move. >> i do that when i'm around whities. when i'm around ethnics -- >> it's all regular -- >> whole different vibe. >> "saturday night live" is back tomorrow. we can only imagine what they will bring to the table, and this is their final one obviously before the election and they've been planning for it it feels like for years so we'll see what happens. >> we will be watching. because we actually stay up and watch. we're like real people on the weekends. all right it's time for "newsroom" with carol costello. another real person. >> hmm. that's right, chris.
6:00 am
thank you both have a great weekend. "newsroom" starts now. good morning i'm carol costello thank you so much for joining me. breaking news, the final look at the health of the economy before america heads to the polls. 161,000 jobs were added last month. slightly -- slightly below wall street estimates. the unemployment rate ticked down a notch to 4.9%. christine romans is here to break down the numbers. good morning. >> good morning. another solid report here. the 73rd month in a row of job creation. if we hadn't had hurricane matthew shutting down several states for a few days you might have seen hiring a little bit more brisk than this. you saw the head line numbers. now you've got 4.9% unemployment. wage growth 2.8%. that's the best i've seen in several years. that means that number right there means your pay check is getting a little bit bigger. boy i'd like to see


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